Who We Are

AusCann is an Australian-based pharmaceutical company focused on the development, production, and distribution of cannabinoid-based medicines within Australia and internationally.

Our key difference is the commitment to a rigorous pharmaceutical development program, focused on providing reliable, stable and standardised cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products, whilst generating the clinical evidence to support market access.

What we do

Improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients around the world.

We have built a strong team of experts and partners with both local and international connections. Our team has the right expertise across all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Our immediate focus is on providing healthcare professionals with solutions to optimise treatment outcomes for their patients. To do that, we developed an innovative formulation that is contained in a standardised capsule. AusCann’s capsules are designed to enable accurate dosing.

How we do it

Driven by unmet medical needs and backed by pharmaceutical science, AusCann aims to transform the way cannabinoid medicines are dispensed today by making standardised, dose-controlled products and clinical evidence accessible to healthcare professionals. AusCann enables physicians to treat their patients with a reliable, stable and standardised cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical product, monitor treatment results and adjust treatment algorithms using a portfolio of products and formulations.