What we do


We partner with industry experts and existing leading market participants to build an operation spanning the entire medicinal cannabis value chain, enabling the delivery of high quality, economical and clinically validated cannabinoid medicines to Australian patients.


Through our partnerships we licence existing high quality plant genetics and proven cannabinoid medicines and formulations. The formulations from our partners Canopy Growth Corporation are already being used among an existing patient base of 24,000.


We provide education to Australian medical practitioners on the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis and the range of conditions and symptoms it can relieve. We will do this through our expertise and that of our partners expertise to deliver doctor engagement programs and awareness campaigns to establish medicinal cannabis treatments in Australia as a viable and respected medication.

Clinical Trials

Through clinical trials using already proven cannabinoid medicines we will be able to provide Australian clinical evidence of the efficacy of our medicinal cannabis formulations and thereby rapidly encourage medical practitioners to begin prescribing the medication to their patients in need.