Educational resources to assist the medical community in cannabinoid medicine

State/Territory Regulations

The COAG Health Council committed to supporting the Commonwealth to develop a single national online application pathway to access unregistered medicinal cannabis products.  See Communique 13 April 2018.  State/Territory specific processes still apply in all jurisdictions other than NSW (see below).


  1. ACT Health
  2. NSW Health
  3. Northern Territory Department of Health
    • Contact details for Department of Health are (08) 8999 2633, 
  4. Queensland Health
    • Process for prescribing medicinal cannabis in Qld
    • Contact Medicinal Cannabis Unit (MCU) on (07) 3708 5283, 
  5. South Australia Health
    • Overview of Patient Access Pathway
    • Authorities to prescribe a Schedule 8 medicinal cannabis drug is through Drugs of Dependence Unit, Telephone 1300 652 584, 
  6. Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services
  7. Victoria – Health Victoria
  8. Western Australia Department of Health