Product Development

The development of reliable, stable, well characterised proprietary cannabinoid-based products is at the core of our strategy. We develop our cannabinoid-based medicines according to pharmaceutical industry product development best practices. We test our products according to validated quality control standards used internationally to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products prescribed by doctors.

Clinical Evaluation

AusCann places the patient and the healthcare professional at the centre of everything we do. We understand the need for evidence to support the use of cannabinoid-based medicines and we are committed to the generation of clinical evidence. Clinical evidence will provide valuable information to physicians to inform the appropriate prescription of AusCann’s products to patients.


Establishing strong relationships with Australian healthcare professionals is key to our strategy. AusCann is dedicated to the provision of education for all healthcare professionals, to establish the Australian medical community’s trust and confidence in cannabinoid-based medicines. We provide education to Australian medical practitioners upon their request.